Saturday, August 16, 2008


Oracle has to do with lot of branches from simple database Administrator to SQL developer, Js developer, Oracle form and so On. It is sure bet that the income of an Oracle proffessioner is much compared to that of Networking but let talk about the cost of getting knowledge it cost roughly between # 305, 000 and #75, 000 with or without Scholarship in Various I T tutorial centers (NIIT, APTECH, FIRST LOGIC, NEW HORIZON, KAROX and so on .......) while that of Networking cost less; with over 250, 000 student writting Oracle profession exams and 93% of them passing with easy but the problems lies in job oppurtunity, It is more easier for people who have a job before enrolling for Oracle because they have Job security, for those who dont have a job before; to secure a job with Oracle seems to be a burden cause many company who need a Database Administrator wants people who as Job experience of about 5 - 7 yrs in handling so tell me if a people who just finish oracle and read DUMPS to pass there exams have the opportunity to have experience.

I noticed many Oracle student face the problem of practicing what they have learnt, they intend to forget what they have learnt within THREE to FOUR MONTH due to fact that they where not able to back what they have learnt with enough PRACTICAL and EXPERIENCS. Only few of these oracle student have the chance to Practice and have EXPERIENCES. So ow do we cub this ?
Many Company needs Database Operator with Experiences.

Networking can be in two groups the N+ and the CCNA (CCNP and so on), they are both similar but are organised by different bodies N+ is organised by Compati A and really deals with different types of connection, while CCNA is organised by CISCO which deals with types of connection and devices used in making connection especially "Routers" made by CISCO. The fee use in learning Networking is lower to that of Oracle and the Job opportunity of a Network engineer is high to that an Oracle Professioner in Nigeria. It seems the amount payed for CCNA professional exam is much than that of any Oracle Exams. Networking is so useful that even though you couldnt get agood job in the industry you can easily get ajob in acybercafe and practice a little while before leaving for the big industry.

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