Monday, August 4, 2008

How It Goes

Information Technology is the processing and distribution of data using computer hardware and software, Telecommunications, and Digital electronics.(the use of technologies from computing, electronics, and telecommunications to process and distribute information in digital and other forms) {computing, telecommunications, computer technology, electronic technology}
there are several categories that falls under this
Application and System Operation (Software, Programming Language;Data Processing)

System Operation

Using the computer from the simplest from to the complex; Simple form starts from Desktop Operation(this basic use of Computer from typing to Graphics Designs)

computer Programs

Instructions that cause the hardware,the machines to do work. Software as a whole can be divided into a number of categories based on the types of work done by programs. The two primary software categories are Operating Systems (system software), which control the workings of the computer, and application software, which addresses the multitude of tasks for which people use computers. System software thus handles such essential, but often invisible, chores as maintaining disk files and managing the screen, whereas application software performs word processing, database management, and the like. Two additional categories that are neither system nor application software, although they contain elements of both, are network software, which enables groups of computers to communicate, and language software, which provides programmers with the tools they need to write programs.
There several types of software some are freeware this are absolutely free and no fee is charge and there softwares that are but customer pays for if they are satisfied with it.
Types of Programming

  • C++

  • Java

(.... to mention a few)
- Information Storage (Database, Computer Memory)
This is the retrieval of encoded information in computer systems. A database is a collection of common records that can be searched, accessed, and modified, such as bank account records, school transcripts, and income tax data. In database processing, a computerized database is used as the central source of reference data for the computations. Transaction processing refers to interaction between two computers in which one computer initiates a transaction and another computer provides the first with the data or computation required for that function.
Types of database
.Oracle database
.Microsoft database
.Mysql database

Professional Exam on Oracle

  • Oracle Certified Administrator (OCA)

  • Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)


(Network; Client/server Architecture; Server)
This is Using a system to link two or more computers. Network Users are able to share files, Printers and other resources; send Electronic messages; and Run programs on the other computers.
Wide Area Network ( Connection of two or more LANS)
Professional Exams on NETWORKING and SERVERS

  • N+


  • Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA)

  • Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)

too mention a few
Communication Systems (Telecommunication;)
Devices and Systems that transmit electronic or optical signals across long distances. Telecommunications enables people around the world to contact one another, to access information instantly, and to communicate from remote areas. Telecommunications usually involves a sender of information and one or more recipients linked by a technology, such as a telephone system, that transmits information from one place to another. Telecommunications enables people to send and receive personal messages across town, between countries, and to and from outer space. It also provides the key medium for delivering news, data, information, and entertainment.
Programmes under Telecommunication

  • Optics fibre

  • G S M courses

So which Area are you INTRESTED

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